Committed to a better Camino

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The App that improves the Camino de Santiago

Easy-to-use and functional.

Charming places

CaminoTool has carefully selected a list of services and establishments to provide you the best pilgrim’s experience.

Your opinion will be rewarded

CaminoTool rewards the feedback provided on your experience as a pilgrim.

The united make the force

Collaboration between pilgrims to get objectives restricted to groups.

Security, quality and service

CaminoTool ensures the quality of the product and the service offered to pilgrims.

  • A great service

    A professional and pilgrim-oriented service by professionals who know and understand the Camino.

  • Good value for money

    Our establishments have a wide range of prices with an unbeatable value for money.

  • Establishment that offer guaranteed quality

    A professional service and the guarantee of reputable commercial establishments.

What the CaminoTool does for the Camino

CaminoTool guarantees service quality through pilgrims’ feedback.

CaminoTool pledges to donate to different organisations that work for the protection and conservation of the Camino de Santiago.

CaminoTool is committed to facilitating and promoting collaboration amongst Camino de Santiago pilgrims.

The improvement in the quality of the commercial establishments, ensuring an ongoing quality control through pilgrims’ feedback.

To make known damages, spillages and other incidences through a centralised pilgrim complaints’ system.

We promote the preservation of the Camino in the form of CaminoTool and pilgrims’ donations to organisations in charge of its conservation.

A dynamic and accurate tool that helps you find and choose what you need: gluten-free, vegan, pilgrim’s menus, etc...

A simple procedure to make a complaint about problems, damages, spillages, etc...

The possibility of saving money and the option of donating it for the conservation of the Camino de Santiago.

Simple, effective and easy-to-use: Ultreia!

You profile

View your details and your browsing history.


Geolocalise the establishment you need, with search and filter options.

Your opinion

Rate your experience, help future pilgrims; and confirm that everything is ok.


Inform about any problem on the Camino: damaged or wrong signs, dangers and any other incidents.


Collaboration between pilgrims to get objectives restricted to groups.


CaminoTool makes donations to organisations that look after the Camino. You can do it too.


Some screenshots of the CaminoTool App

Interface meets Google standards

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Saldo & Movimientos
Toma tu dinero

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