CaminoTool establishments: Quality and CashBack

The CaminoTool application includes a lot of useful information for the pilgrim, from information on stages, tourism, monuments and churches and also information on establishments that provide some service to the Camino de Santiago&’s Pilgrims.

Some of these establishments are committed to the Pilgrim in such a way that they have signed a collaboration agreement with CaminoTool according to which they accept the ratings of all those pilgrims who use their facilities/services. The CaminoTool application allows the Pilgrim to evaluate their experience and rewards them with 10% of the amount of the ticket they have paid in that establishment.

The pilgrim will find these establishments in the app in the general searches, that is, those that the application offers while the pilgrim does not specify a particular group(s) in the search form.

CaminoTool establishments differ from the rest because they have an icon with the CaminoTool logo:

The CaminoTool establishments are also subject to the valuations of the pilgrims, and these can be seen in the tab:

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