Earn money during your Way

Each time a pilgrim has an experience with a CaminoTool establishment, they must record it using the mobile application itself.

For this, the pilgrim must have the support of the person in charge following the following steps:

  1. The pilgrim enters the CaminoTool application and locates the establishment where they are.
  2. The pilgrim enters the establishment’s tab, and selects the “Validate ticket” button (on iPhone) or the floating button with a ticket icon (on Android).
  3. The pilgrim fills in the form information: date, time, ticket number (if applicable), number of people and price.
  4. The pilgrim gives the phone to the person in charge, so that they can type their PIN code into the pilgrim’s phone.
  5. The person in charge gives the phone back to the pilgrim.
  6. The pilgrim sees that the validation has been correct, and proceeds to evaluate the experience.
  7. The pilgrim values all the elements of the experience: one shell = very bad, two shells = bad, three shells = normal, four shells = good, five shells =very good! 🙂
  8. Once the pilgrim has registered their value, CaminoTool gives them a % in their wallet
  9. The pilgrim can use this balance to:
    • Withdraw the entire or part of the balance into their bank account via Paypal.
    • Withdraw the balance via HalCash; in multiples of €10 and starting from a minimum of €20
    • Use the balance to pay the next CaminoTool establishments. This payment can be made in whole or in part, that is, if the pilgrim has balance of €3.10, they could pay €10 in one establishment: €3.10 from their balance and €6.90 in cash When validating a ticket, the option of paying with a balance or just validating a ticket is allowed.
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