How to find what interests you

In the application there are three parts in which the searches are managed:

The map with the icons resulting from the search.

It may be the case that a search does not yield any results, if nothing is specified in the “Where to search?” box, the application understands that it is intended to search in the area of the map that is being viewed. In case of not obtaining results, it enlarges the field of vision of the map.

The form for the search filters.

In this form we can define our search, either by specifying values in the boxes of “what you are looking for” and “where to look”, or by combining these two criteria with the different groups in which the establishments are included: Eras, public shelters, accommodation, Events, Eating and drinking, Restaurants, Churches, Tourist Offices, Sports, etc …

An ordered list of the elements resulting from the search

The list can be ordered by various criteria:
Distance from our position, Ratings received by pilgrims, Price and % Cashback that CaminoTool will give us for our rating.

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